Skyborne at Gloucester Airport Visit

Skyborne at Gloucester Airport Visit

A group of Year 12 travel and tourism students recently visited Skybourne at Gloucester airport. Skyborne is an innovative airline training academy.

Students enjoyed workshops, presentations and demonstrations about roles within the airline industry.

Representatives from British Airways and Easyjet were on hand to answer any questions regarding recruitment and roles within the sector. It was an informative event that the students found  interesting and useful.

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End of Year Art Show

End of Year Art Show

Students from the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design course recently showcased their hard work in an end of year exhibition show at the Independent Arts Creative Hub in Newport. 

A private view was held on the evening of Saturday 11 June where staff, parents, governors and members of the local arts community were invited to have a first look at the finished pieces. The exhibition then remained in place and open to the public for the next week. 

This was the first time that a show of this kind has been able to go ahead since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, so both staff and students were very excited to finally be able to showcase their hard work again. 

This year, students approached subjects such as spirituality, female control, movement of dance, split personality disorder, and other intriguing concepts.  The students created interesting and artistic responses to their research, working across the disciplines of sculpture, painting, photography, digital art, textiles and illustration. We also exhibited some beautiful examples of miniature kimonos from our year 13 Fashion students’ final project.

Course Leader for the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Hannah Woodford said “I have been so impressed by the commitment and professionalism shown by the students this year. It is clear to see the dedication and effort that they have put into their final projects and it was amazing to be able to show everyone the standard of work that has been produced. We can’t wait to see where these talented students progress to next and will be following their exciting journeys ahead.”

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Head of School’s Blog – 24 June 2022

24 June 2022

Congratulations to Year 13 students for finishing their exams this week, I look forward to seeing you at the Prom next Thursday.  There is a slight change to Exams results day, it will be held in the Lower Common room rather than the Hall. One thing that hasn’t changed is that you will need ID to pick up your results. If someone else is picking them up, we need a letter from you before we break up (22/07/22) stating that you give permission for the named person to pick up the results on your behalf (they will need their own ID as well).

Year 12, your Trial exams start on Monday 27th June and run for a week and a day. During the exams you are on study leave unless you do a vocational subject (you should have spoken to your teachers about expectations / attendance).  Normal lessons resume on Tuesday 5th July. Best of luck, I’m sure all of your revision and preparation will pay off.

Renovations and redecoration are still continuing, thank you for cooperation. The Hall is getting new lighting, fire doors and a new floor (in the summer holidays) to go along with the new roof put on last summer.  From September students will not be able to gain access to the building via the Hall, this is because of site security and the safety of students and staff. The student entrance with your student lanyard, will be your only point of access to the building.

Seating and paper display boards are going to be removed from corridors over the coming weeks, this is because in the event of a fire they would provide fuel for a fire to spread from one area to another. We are looking at alternatives to replace the removed items and I thank you for your understanding.

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Head of School’s Blog – 10 June 2022

10 June 2022

We launched UCAS 2023 on Thursday 9th June with Year 12 students this week. If you have any questions, please take a look at the online support and watch the briefing (links below). 

Online support:


Key points:

  • Sunflower is the keyword to link your application to the Island VI Form
  • Internal deadline is December 9th (Don’t wait)
  • Offers are received normally within a few days of application being submitted (Hence don’t wait)
  • You are allowed 5 choices only
  • Researching courses is the current priority
  • Writing your personal statement is the next step
  • Student service run a help session every Tuesday lunch time

If you are not planning to go to University, you need to be doing very similar things – your personal statement is the same as your letter of application, what skills and experiences do you have to offer a future employer?

If you are worried or confused about your next step, please ask for help. There is nothing wrong with applying for work and University if you are not sure – but doing nothing is a problem.

We are deep into the examination season now – remember to pace yourselves, rest and take time to relax and do enjoyable things as well as revision and preparation.  

Finally, congratulations to Josh Sunnucks who took part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London. Details of his wonderful experience can be found below.

Have a safe weekend. 

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Our Platinum Jubilee Unicorn

Our Platinum Jubilee Unicorn

Year 12 VI Form Student, Josh Sunnucks took part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, dressed as one of 20 unicorns.  Josh, one of about 200 performers for this section, was part of the Queen’s Fantastical Beasts performance arranged by Shademakers from Ryde. 

Josh regularly performs with Dance Vibez from Shanklin and Ryde and rehearsed for his role since February.  As it was not possible to have a full dress rehearsal, part of this was using webinars arranged by the pageant organisers.   Josh said that it was a long day, leaving their hotel in Wembley at 7.30pm and not getting back to the Island until gone 11pm;  he had to wear his 30kg costume, made from aluminium and plastic for about 3 hours.   Josh said that the cheering crowds were the best part of the day.

Josh, who joined us from The Bay Academy at Sandown, is studying mathematics, physics and business studies for A-Level, plans to go to university and sees his future in financial management.   Josh is already on the road to celebrity status having been interviewed by Hello magazine.  In the magazine he is quoted, “Being able to say I’ve puppeteered a unicorn will look great on my university application.”

Josh and his fellow puppeteers will be performing in some of the Island’s carnivals this summer. Well done Josh, what a fantastic experience! 

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Head of School’s Blog – 27 May 2022

27 May 2022

Have a great break, remember to get the balance right between revision, exercise and sleep.  I know it is a challenging time, but it will soon be over and you can enjoy the summer knowing you have done everything you could to get results that reflect your talents and hard work.

Thank you for attending the UCAS Discover events this week, I will be launching an introduction to UCAS, Apprenticeships or Work in a presentation to Year 12 on Thursday 9th June.  We have attached some of the UCAS discover videos to the website if you were unable to attend the live event. You can access these here

I have returned to work part time for two days this week and will hopefully be full time after half term. I look forward to seeing you in lessons and around the VI Form before the summer holidays.

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Travel & Tourism Internship for Frankie

Travel and Tourism Internship for Frankie!

Congratulations to Frankie, one of Travel and Tourism students who has managed to secure an internship with Tourism Teacher, an online organisation that shares the principles and practice of tourism management from both an academic and practical perspective. Mrs McCarthy introduced Frankie to the intern programme and she is so proud of what she has already achieved as a result of it. 

Frankie has published a couple of articles on the website now and has been commissioned to write more. 

Here is a link to her article on the Isle of Wight:

Here is a link to her article on Cornwall:

We are so proud of the research and writing skills that Frankie is demonstrating. Well done! 

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UCAS Discovery

UCAS Discovery

The UCAS Discovery event took place live on Wednesday 25 May 2022. We hosted this event and gave students the opportunity to take part in and watch various helpful webinars to get them started on their journey to life after The Island VI Form. 

UCAS Discovery is an opportunity to get student tips and expert advice and to explore universities, colleges and apprenticeships. 

We have downloaded and added some of the videos from the event below, but to access all of the resources, you will need to sign up to the event online here:

You will then have 24/7 access until 8 June 2022. Don’t miss out! 

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Head of School’s Blog – 20 May 2022

20 May 2022

Congratulations to all award winners at our Year 13 celebration assembly this week, it was lovely to see you all in person and share in your celebrations.  Best wishes to Year 13 as they embark on their final stage of their VI Form life by completing their exams. Remember that staff are still available during lesson times whilst you are on study leave if you need or want to speak to them.

Year 13, you will have received a farewell letter from me by email today. If you have not received this, you can view it here

Knife crime is an issue I would like to think will not affect members of our community, but this week is the National week of action to tackle knife crime. Knife crime is a societal problem which cannot be tackled by police, schools or single agencies alone, highlighting the need to work together both reactively and proactively. The responsibility must be that of us all  – police, councils, education providers, health care, youth services, welfare services, housing services, local communities, parents, social media providers etc. – we must all work together to effectively protect children and young people from the threat of county lines, gangs, knives, drugs, media/peer perceptions and adults who pose the risk of exploiting them. For more information visit: portfolio/knife-crime/

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