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Feel Good Fridays

We all need good mental health and wellbeing – it’s essential to living happy and healthy lives. Looking after your mental health is not something we should just do if we are struggling, or feeling low, anxious or stressed. It’s actually something we should think about all the time and really invest in, just like with our physical health.

Staying on top of our mental wellbeing is good for us now but also helps us manage difficult times in the future. Over time, it can also reduce our risk of physical health problems.

There are lots of things we can do to look after our mental health and wellbeing every day. As part of our IWEF strategy to promote positive mental health and wellbeing we produce a weekly ‘Feel Good Friday’ that seeks to offer our school community – students, parents, staff and our wider network – helpful information on looking after our mental health. We include top tips for how we can promote positive wellbeing and stay mentally healthy, and share links and signposts to help and support that is available.