National School Sport Week Roundup

National School Sport Week Roundup

Year 7 & 8 had a great game of rounders in the sunshine on Tuesday! They were narrowly defeated by Cowes Enterprise College in a nail biting match. 

All of our players gave it their all and we are so proud of their pride in representing our College. 

Wednesday saw a fabulous afternoon of cricket, hosted by the Isle of Wight Cricket Board at Newclose. Well done to the girls who took part. 

Also on Wednesday, there was a hotly contested Staff v Student rounders match. Huge thanks to the staff and students who took part. The student team were indeed victorious! 

Huge thank you to Michelle Davis from Starlight Boutique for running an incredible dance workshop on Friday. Dance Live 2023 – we are coming for you! 

What a great opportunity for our Year 8s Friday morning; a Volfsball activity session! This was the students’ first experience of this super game, designed by the Larwood family, here on the Isle of Wight! 

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Southampton University Global Challenge

Southampton University Global Challenge

On Tuesday, 14 June, we took a group of year 10 students from Carisbrooke College and Medina College to Southampton University to take part in a global challenge. 

This was a debating challenge in which Medina’s A Team came 3rd out of 9 schools; a massive achievement. 

The students worked hard on their research, presentation and debating skills all day and were a credit to both their schools and our Federation. They remained engaged, focused and perfectly behaved all day. Well done! 

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Year 7 Girls Cricket

Year 7 Girls Cricket

We had a great afternoon at Christ the King College on Tuesday with our Year 7 cricketers. We were defeated, nevertheless, we demonstrated some wonderful fielding, batting and bowling.

Mrs Tuck’s highlight was the non-stop giggling on the minibus.

We had more great cricket with our girls and the Isle of Wight Cricket Board on Wednesday. We played against The Bay and The Island Free School.

Great play all round and even more giggling on the bus.

Well done girls, we are very proud! 

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Year 11’s Final Assembly

Year 11’s Final Assembly

On Tuesday afternoon we said an emotional farewell to our year 11 students in their final assembly. 

Students were treated to a musical medley performance from our Maestros, a personalised version of Greenday’s “Time of Your Life” by Mrs Connor and a final performance from Mr Williams. They also watched a video montage of the students’ last five years. 

Awards were presented for the final time for each subject area and each tutor group. A video was shown that staff had put together to wish the students well for the future and then, finally, Mr Williams gave a speech about the year group and awarded his Head of Year award. 

After shirt signing, selfies and a treat from the ice cream van, students departed. 

Thank you to the staff involved in putting this final assembly together to make it a special event for the students. 

Award Winners

Award Student Winner Citation
English Axel Although a naturally gifted English student, Axel has still put every effort into ensuring his success in this subject; quotations have been learnt and extra essays and papers. As a result, Axel has produced some of the most sophisticated responses that I have ever seen. Very well done!
Maths Joe Joe has embraced the challenge of working extremely hard in Maths. He has used hard work and resilience to mature mathematically. He has become increasingly confident and this has shown in his assessments. He continues to work hard and is striving for the optimum. Well done Joe you should be proud of your achievements thus far.
Science Joe Joe has made great progress over the last 2 years in science, he has gone above and beyond in his work, always completing homework and classwork to a very high standard and because of this great work ethic, he has taken on learning work for the higher tier in his own time. Congratulations Joe and good luck with whichever endeavour you take on next.
Computer Science Zach Zach has been the most consistent student over the course. He has always worked hard and applied himself to every task set before him. I wish him the best for the future.
Spanish Reuben Ruben has shown a marked improvement in his confidence in Spanish over the last year, he is always willing to give an answer and his vocabulary recall in the last few months has been excellent.
French Jess I have been totally impressed with Jess’s effort over the past couple of years. Her French has improved incredibly. She has worked hard and been an absolute joy to teach and I have just loved her witty comments if not verging on the sarcastic side!
Latin Georgie Georgie has developed into a truly excellent Latinist over these last 5 years. She has worked hard , listened carefully , learned from any (rare) mistakes and she is now confidently translating passages that would terrify most Year 11 Latin students ! She has been an absolute pleasure to teach.
Music Jake Jake has worked tremendously hard throughout the GCSE course, and continues to impress us all with his knowledge of 70s prog rock bands. He deserves to do very well this summer, well done Jake.
Music Technology Makenzi Makenzi has been nominated for this award as he has made so much progress during year 11 in particular. His effort and attitude since September 2021 have been fantastic and it clearly shows in his work and results. Well done Makenzi and all the best for next year!
Drama Josh Joshua has progressed phenomonly in Drama, producing two performances of outstanding quality. Joshua is always there to drive his group forward to achieve their best. Throughout the course of year 10 and 11, Joshua has also improved the quality of his written work, showing clear and insightful responses to the exam questions, becoming a thorough and reflective performer.
Food Technology Maisie Maisie has gone above and beyond to develop her skills and knowledge. She has certainly taught me a few things about french cooking and the pronunciation! Well done Maisie it has been a pleasure to teach you. Very best wishes for the future.
Product Design Maya Maya has put 100% effort into her coursework and is always looking for ways to improve. It has been a pleasure to teach her over the last three years and I wish her the best for her future.
Child Development Mia Mia has shown herself to be a talented, determined and capable student who has worked consistently hard in Child Development. Her positive attitude supports her in ensuring that her work is always of the highest quality. Always able to make us smile and support others within discussion, I have no doubt that Mia is destined to be a huge success. Best of luck as Mia as you move into the next chapter of learning.
Health and Social Care Kirsty Kirsty’s hard work, good humour and teamwork has been superb this year. She has embraced the tasks set with enthusiasm and real desire to do well. Well done Kirsty, a brilliant end to the course.
Art Alicia It has been a real pleasure watching Alicia really progress over the past 3 years. She has pushed herself and shown real enthusiasm for the creative pieces she has developed. We are very proud of you Alicia and all that you have achieved. Well done!
Graphics Alfie Alfie is determined, enthusiastic and always tries his best. He has listened to feedback given and worked through challenges which have faced him. It has been a pleasure having him in the group and we wish him the best for his next journey.
Photography Taylor Taylor’s interest, enthusiasm and effort has not waned over the three years of the course. An excellent photographer and a great student to deal with.
Geography Lennon Outstanding attainment throughout the three years of GCSE. Fantastic geographic knowledge and passion for subject.
History Rose Rose has shown a fantastic work ethic and attitude in history this year. She always tries her best in class and has produced some great work. Well done!
Business Ruby Ruby has worked so hard on the run up to her GCSEs. She has attended revision religiously whilst pushes herself and never complains about any extras she has to do. Very proud to have taught her over the last 3 years.
Sports BTEC Bella Bella’s work has been of the highest standard throughout the course and her grade for her unit 1 exam was one of the highest in the cohort and that Medina has seen. Thank you Bella for your enthusiasm and consistent approach to the course.
TEAMS George George is polite and enthusiastic member of this class. He always tries his best and is willing to help those around him. I am very proud of the young man he has grown into and wish him all the best for whatever his next adventure will be.

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Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Award Final Expedition

The postponed year 10 DofE Award Bronze final expedition went ahead on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June. 

The three teams of year 10s hiked approximately 10km a day over the two days from Brighstone to Yarmouth, camping at Wight Camp.  They independently planned for the expedition including the route, food and equipment needed. 

The main condition of the Bronze final expedition is to be self sufficient and only supervised remotely.  This means that the students needed to follow the route on their own as well as carrying all their equipment and food needed for the two days.  All three teams did this successfully and to a high standard.   They even seemed to have fun – I think! 

The next stage is for the students to get the rest of their sections and activities finished and they will be receiving their Bronze award. 

Well done all those involved.   It was a great couple days and a pleasure to spend the time with all of the students in the great outdoors.  

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Year 7&8 Boys Cricket

Year 7&8 Boys Cricket

On a beautiful afternoon for cricket the year 7 and 8 boys travelled to Northwood CC for a match against Cowes.

Cowes batted first and the Medina lads bowled and fielded well to limit the 1st innings total to 51. All the bowlers bowled well but our fielding was excellent. Captain Fergus with a great pick up and direct hit of the stumps for a run out and Aaron G with a wonderful 1 handed catch with his weaker hand were the highlights.

Medina openers were Aaron G and Nick W. They batted very well and formed a cohesive partnership both playing some lovely shots and scoring runs. They both retired not out, Aaron on 19no and Nick on 10no. In came Fergus and Oscar who both batted nicely and were quick between the wickets. Ethan and Isaac finished off the innings and managed to get the winning runs.

Thanks to Northwood for hosting and well played to Cowes on what was a lovely game of cricket.

Mr Dye

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Privilege Seat Application Window – Academic Year 2022/23

Privilege Seat Application Window – Academic Year 2022/23

We have been asked by the Local Authority Transport Department to share the following information regarding the Privilege Seat Application Window for the Academic Year 2022/23.

If you have any queries regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact the Transport Department on or telephone: 823780.

Privilege Seat Application Window – Academic Year 2022/23

Dear Parent/Guardian

The dates for the privilege seat application window for academic year 2022 have been finalised. Should you wish to apply for a privilege seat for your child to use the school bus service you will need to apply between 9am on Monday 27 June 2022 and 4 pm on Friday 8 July 2022 for  children in school years 0 – 11, only. You will not be able to apply for privilege seats for sixth form students (school years 12 – 14) at this time. Please note that the online form will only be live between the above times and that applications received outside of this window will not be accepted.

Further information on the privilege seat process can be found online, here:

Please also note the FAQs, Code of Good Practice and Ticket Terms and Conditions sections available via this webpage. If you scroll to the bottom of the above webpage you will see the bus services for which you can apply. This information will be live from 9 am on Monday 27 June 2022. Should the service you require not be listed you will not be able to apply for that service at this time.

Do bear in mind that making an application for a privilege seat does not guarantee a seat on the school bus.

Privilege seat ticket prices are set costs as follows.
– Up to a full term £130.00
– Up to half a term £65.00
– Up to a full term AM or PM only £65.00
– Up to half a term AM or PM only £32.50

Should you have any queries please contact the Transport Team at the Council via email: or telephone: 823780.

Important Points to Note
– There will only be 1 application window before the start of the academic year so please ensure you apply during this
window for your child to be considered for a seat.
– Information on bus services that can be offered will be available on the website from 9am on Monday 27  June 2022.
– We may not be able to provide an update on the number of seats available before the application window opens but
please be aware seats availability will be very limited.
– There is be a strict payment deadline for making payment. Should you miss this deadline, the seat offered to your child
will be offered to the next child on the waiting list (should one exist) and your application will be cancelled.
– Once applications have been processed by the Transport Team you will be able to see the status of your application online as well as make payment without having to contact the Council.

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Year 7 Literacy Week: The Tempest

Shakespeare’s The Tempest – Literacy week for year 7 students

An important part of our Literacy Strategy is to ensure that Key Stage 3 students are equipped with the key literacy skills required, and the belief that they can succeed, at GCSE level.  In order to achieve this, we aim to remove as many taboos about Literacy as early as possible and make it seem less daunting to year 7 students, as well as building their confidence with regards to school and their own abilities. 

Last half term we took a small group of year 7 students and immersed them into the Shakespeare text, The Tempest. Initially, students were worried about not being able to understand the words and the writing but by approaching the text through The Arts, the students soon became comfortable with the ideas and themes within the plot. 

These year 7 students worked with our resident artist Trudie Wilson, and English teacher, Mrs Smith to access this tricky text. Through drama, music and art the students were plunged into the Elizabethan text and encouraged to think about the characters and how they felt. 

By visiting the beach, the students were able to experience the atmosphere of the sea and understand and appreciate its power. They were able to imagine that they, too, were castaways washed up on the sand and how frightening that might have been. The beach also allowed the students to create some fantastic art works and to act out sections of the text.

When visiting the forest they were able to feel nature and talked about the language that could be used to describe the environment. Throughout the week they worked with clay to recreate characters to help further develop their understanding of the text. They depicted key scenes from the text by creating boxes inspired by Joseph Cornell and sculpting cardboard.

Back at school, students used their beach experience to compose a musical response with Mrs Peckham and later in the week, performed Act 1 Scene 1 with Mr Lyle to gain further appreciation of the text.

This project allowed students to break down any preconceived notions they may have had relating to Shakespeare. Students ended the week by producing an exhibition for parents on the Friday afternoon.  

Thanks to Miss Keogh for driving the minibus and Ms Ryan and Mrs O’Callaghan for supporting throughout the week. A big thank you to the Creative Arts Faculty for their assistance and unending positivity.

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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant

Student takes part in Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant

On Sunday 5 June, Jasmine in year 11 was lucky enough to take part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London with a carnival group from the Island called Shademakers. 

There were approximately 250 performers in their group and they all stayed in London on Saturday night, ready for a 7.30 am start on Sunday. Although the pageant didn’t start until 2.30 pm, they had to be ready and in position by 1.30 pm. It was a long wait but they got a close view of all the horses, military and celebrity buses ahead of them. Some of the celebrities they saw included Mo Farrah and Prue Leith.

As they got through the arches on to The Mall, there were cameras everywhere and hundreds of people, and when she finished the parade and got back to the dressing room she found out that her Dad and sister saw her on TV!

Jasmine received a bag, badge and souvenir programme as a reminder of the day. The whole experience was amazing and something that she will never forget. It was even more special as she got to do it with her Mum. 
Well done Jasmine! What a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience! 

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Schools’ Concert for the Platinum Jubilee

Schools’ Concert for the Platinum Jubilee at Osborne House

On Tuesday 7 June, 20 Carisbrooke College students and 7 Medina College students performed alongside a number of local primary schools and Isle Wight Music Centre ensembles at a spectacular Platinum Jubilee Concert at Osborne House.

The rain held off and the large audience enjoyed a variety of outdoor musical performances whilst indulging in cream teas and picnics on the lawn in front of the historic royal residence.

Carisbrooke College band ‘PG13’ (featuring year 9 Luca, and year 8s Cameron, Lucy and Nathan) were first up from IWEF with their powerful performance of Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. This was followed with a beautiful rendition of Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go’ from Carisbrooke College’s year 7s Annelise and Tilly.

Medina College year 10 group ‘The Antiband’ (featuring Charlie, Hannah, Khai, Toby, Oliver, Alfie and Talia) captivated the audience with their harmonious cover of The Beatles’ ‘Here comes the sun’, and the final IWEF performance was from the Carisbrooke College Key Stage 3 ‘Sing’ choir with their touching performance of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’.

The concert was organised by the IOW Music Hub and provided a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with other Island schools and showcase the fantastic talent we have here at IWEF.

We would like to say a big thank you to our trainee music teacher, Jake Winsor, who leaves us at the end of this week. He has superbly supported not only this event but many other musical opportunities in his time here at the Isle of Wight Education Federation and we wish him the best of luck in his teaching career. 

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