HISP MAT Consultation

14 June 2022. 

During the past 12 months Governors decided to explore ways to further secure the education offer that children have available to them through the Isle of Wight Education Federation schools.

HISP MAT was identified as having the perfect balance of a highly regarded region-wide school improvement network, providing high quality staff development opportunities through their learning hubs, whilst supporting and encouraging the schools in their learning community to maintain their own curriculum and identity.

At their recent meeting the Governing Board voted in favour of initiating the consultation with key stakeholders. An academy order would confirm whether the Department for Education (DfE) was, in principle, supportive of this option. This is subject to due diligence being undertaken on both sides. Due diligence is a comprehensive and robust process to ensure both parties are fully prepared for joining together and working as one organisation.

The Governing Body is currently seeking the views of: pupils, parents and carers, staff and their union representatives, local schools, the local community and other interested parties.

The consultation will run between 9.00am on Tuesday, 14 June and 3.30pm Friday, 15 July. If anyone wishes to make a representation then please complete this form.

Alternatively, consultation meetings for interested stakeholders will take place on:

  • Monday, 4 July at 6pm in the Hall at Carisbrooke College
  • Tuesday, 5 July at 6pm in the Theatre at Medina College

Copies of the consultation notice, letters, and FAQs can be found below. This page and the FAQs will be updated as necessary.