Head of School’s Blog – 24 June 2022

24 June 2022

Congratulations to Year 13 students for finishing their exams this week, I look forward to seeing you at the Prom next Thursday.  There is a slight change to Exams results day, it will be held in the Lower Common room rather than the Hall. One thing that hasn’t changed is that you will need ID to pick up your results. If someone else is picking them up, we need a letter from you before we break up (22/07/22) stating that you give permission for the named person to pick up the results on your behalf (they will need their own ID as well).

Year 12, your Trial exams start on Monday 27th June and run for a week and a day. During the exams you are on study leave unless you do a vocational subject (you should have spoken to your teachers about expectations / attendance).  Normal lessons resume on Tuesday 5th July. Best of luck, I’m sure all of your revision and preparation will pay off.

Renovations and redecoration are still continuing, thank you for cooperation. The Hall is getting new lighting, fire doors and a new floor (in the summer holidays) to go along with the new roof put on last summer.  From September students will not be able to gain access to the building via the Hall, this is because of site security and the safety of students and staff. The student entrance with your student lanyard, will be your only point of access to the building.

Seating and paper display boards are going to be removed from corridors over the coming weeks, this is because in the event of a fire they would provide fuel for a fire to spread from one area to another. We are looking at alternatives to replace the removed items and I thank you for your understanding.

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Head of School’s Blog – 10 June 2022

10 June 2022

We launched UCAS 2023 on Thursday 9th June with Year 12 students this week. If you have any questions, please take a look at the online support and watch the briefing (links below). 

Online support: https://www.ucas.com/file/603521/download?token=v-CjPu_c

Briefing: https://www.iwef.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/UCAS-briefing.mp4

Key points:

  • Sunflower is the keyword to link your application to the Island VI Form
  • Internal deadline is December 9th (Don’t wait)
  • Offers are received normally within a few days of application being submitted (Hence don’t wait)
  • You are allowed 5 choices only
  • Researching courses is the current priority
  • Writing your personal statement is the next step
  • Student service run a help session every Tuesday lunch time

If you are not planning to go to University, you need to be doing very similar things – your personal statement is the same as your letter of application, what skills and experiences do you have to offer a future employer?

If you are worried or confused about your next step, please ask for help. There is nothing wrong with applying for work and University if you are not sure – but doing nothing is a problem.

We are deep into the examination season now – remember to pace yourselves, rest and take time to relax and do enjoyable things as well as revision and preparation.  

Finally, congratulations to Josh Sunnucks who took part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London. Details of his wonderful experience can be found below.

Have a safe weekend. 

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Head of School’s Blog – 27 May 2022

27 May 2022

Have a great break, remember to get the balance right between revision, exercise and sleep.  I know it is a challenging time, but it will soon be over and you can enjoy the summer knowing you have done everything you could to get results that reflect your talents and hard work.

Thank you for attending the UCAS Discover events this week, I will be launching an introduction to UCAS, Apprenticeships or Work in a presentation to Year 12 on Thursday 9th June.  We have attached some of the UCAS discover videos to the website if you were unable to attend the live event. You can access these here

I have returned to work part time for two days this week and will hopefully be full time after half term. I look forward to seeing you in lessons and around the VI Form before the summer holidays.

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Head of School’s Blog – 20 May 2022

20 May 2022

Congratulations to all award winners at our Year 13 celebration assembly this week, it was lovely to see you all in person and share in your celebrations.  Best wishes to Year 13 as they embark on their final stage of their VI Form life by completing their exams. Remember that staff are still available during lesson times whilst you are on study leave if you need or want to speak to them.

Year 13, you will have received a farewell letter from me by email today. If you have not received this, you can view it here

Knife crime is an issue I would like to think will not affect members of our community, but this week is the National week of action to tackle knife crime. Knife crime is a societal problem which cannot be tackled by police, schools or single agencies alone, highlighting the need to work together both reactively and proactively. The responsibility must be that of us all  – police, councils, education providers, health care, youth services, welfare services, housing services, local communities, parents, social media providers etc. – we must all work together to effectively protect children and young people from the threat of county lines, gangs, knives, drugs, media/peer perceptions and adults who pose the risk of exploiting them. For more information visit: https://www.safe4me.co.uk/ portfolio/knife-crime/

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Head of School’s Blog – 13 May 2022

13 May 2022

Year 13 – Thank you for your patience in completing the leavers photo for Year 13, third time lucky. Good luck and best wishes with the exams, a few are starting next week with the main bulk of exams starting the week before half term.

If you are struggling with the pressure of exams, talk to us (Year 12 & 13), establish good routines: bed times, exercise and eating. The following website also has some good advice: https://www.youngminds.org.uk/young-person/coping-with-life/exam-stress/#Dealingwithexamstress

The Year 12 trial exam timetable can be found here and has been emailed directly to students today. Teaching staff will be on site for normal lesson times during study leave and will be available to support students in preparing for their trial exams. BTEC, practical, vocational and creative subjects may continue on timetable as normal and individual teachers will share their expectations.

There will be a Year 13 leavers assembly on Wednesday 18 May at 9.50am in the main hall. From 23 May, Year 13 will be on study leave for their exams – remember staff are still around to help and support you if you need advice and guidance. Pop in and see them or use Google classroom.

If you would like to keep any work from your school Google account, you must transfer it to another personal Google account. During the summer term break, your account will be terminated and at this point everything gets deleted by Google and we can’t recover it. Sharing it isn’t good enough, you need to make sure that you transfer the file.

Enjoy a hopefully sunny weekend.

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Head of School’s Blog Post – 29 April 2022

29 April 2022

Welcome back, I hope that all students had a productive break and managed to finish their revision notes. It’s now time to switch to burning that information into your memory by repeating, repeating, repeating.

If you are at all worried about your exams, speak to your teachers and/or Student Services. Exams can be stressful and it is normal to be worried or anxious; speak to friends and family or school staff, exercise / relax, try and be prepared as best you can.

On a personal level, I have now had my third (hopefully final) hip replacement over the Easter break. I’m now starting to do rehab work and strengthening my leg muscles and remembering how to walk, still with crutches at the moment, and hopefully I will be able to get rid of those soon. I anticipate returning to VI Form after half term, if everything goes to plan.

Upcoming events for Year 13:

  • Year 13 leavers photograph – second week of May – details will be shared with students
  • End of year celebration assembly – Wednesday 18 May at 9.50am
  • Year 13 ‘Old Hollywood’ Prom – Thursday 30 June at Landguard Manor (tickets available via the School Gateway app)

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Head of School’s Blog – 8 April 2022

8 April 2022

Dear Students, Parents & Carers

I would like to wish you a happy Easter break, as well as remind you that this is a key time for revision in preparation for the Summer exams.  By the end of Easter we recommend that the production of revision materials (mind maps, flash cards etc.) has finished and work switches to using these materials to burn the knowledge into your long term memory by repeat, repeat, repeat.

I get questions from parents about how they can help?  At this stage it is about supporting the basics and encouraging routines. Good systems and routines beat good intentions every time for most people.

Routines / systems:

  • Healthy diet / regular lunch & evening meal
  • Produce and stick to a revision timetable
  • Regular breaks
  • Regular bed time / enough sleep
  • Planned day / time off
  • Revise without distraction (leave phone in another room)
  • Work / school work balance (able to do more work shifts once exams are over)
  • Easter revision sessions at VI Form

The Easter revision schedule has been emailed to all students and parents this week and individual exam timetables; which include dates, times, room locations and seat numbers have also been shared via email. Paper copies of these timetables can be requested via Student Services or Main Reception. 

Finally, thank you to all students that helped with our German visitors this week. You made them all feel very welcome. They now travel home, having enjoyed a fantastic week. 

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Head of School’s Blog – 1 April 2022

1 April 2022

Next week we will be welcoming 55 German students and their teachers to the VI Form and the Island. They will be with us from Monday 4th April to Thursday 7th April up to lunchtime and in the afternoons they will be exploring the Island, taking part in other activities.

They will be visiting a range of lessons to observe the English education systems and to improve their English and when not in lessons they will be based in the Upper common room.

Please make them feel welcome in your lessons, help them out if they can’t find a room / lesson and maybe pop into the Upper common room to speak to them. If any students have time on Monday morning to help show them around, it would be much appreciated. Just pop into Student Services and let them know that you can help.

All of our visiting students will be issued with a temporary Lanyard. And just to remind you, ALL students must be wearing theirs as well.

Finally, we are inviting members of the current Year 12 student cohort to apply for the positions of Exam Helpers at Medina College. As part of a small group of Exam Helpers, you would be expected to set up the appropriate number of tables and chairs in the Sports Hall and / or Gym at Medina College as directed. Exams will be mainly in January, May, June and early July. You need to be reliable and physically fit, and able to be at Medina College ready for a 7am start and /or a 3:30pm start. Work is allocated on a rota basis, so you would not need to be available for all sessions. Details of how to apply is on the Student Services Hub.

Have a great weekend

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Head of School’s Blog – 25 March 2022

25 March 2022

I hope the making of revision notes, flashcards, mindmaps etc. is going well? Remember, we recommend that you have finished creating these as soon as possible (Easter break) so that revision can switch to repeating rather than creating.  Repeating means; going over your notes again and again to burn it into your long term memory.  No-one can do this for you. Teachers will be helping with exam technique and marking criteria to help you get the highest possible grade.

2 weeks until Easter break – 8th April
8 weeks until Year 13 study leave for exams – 20th May
13 weeks until Year 13 exams finish and Year 12 end of year exams start
18 weeks until Summer holidays – 22nd July

If you are struggling with revision, mental health or anything else, please speak to us (Teachers, Mentor or Student Services). Exams can be stressful, so ask for help, revise, sleep well, eat well and exercise.

The Year 12 Virtual Parents’ evening is coming up on Thursday 7th April and further details will be shared with you next week.

Have a great weekend. 

Mr Mumford

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Head of School’s Blog – 18 March 2022

18 March 2022

It was lovely to welcome Emilie Smith from the Student Finance team at the University of Portsmouth, to visit us in person yesterday. She delivered a very informative presentation to Year 13 students who have applied to University this year and followed this with a parents’ presentation later in the evening, which is attached below for any of you who missed it. The information that she shared is extremely important to both Students and Parents when it comes to making an application to Student Finance and the arrangements for repayments in the future. Please take a few moments to view the information – there are a lot of myths surrounding this specialised funding and some of the links shared in the presentation are very helpful when it comes to students setting budgets and expected living expenses. 

Student Funding Presentation

As you are probably aware, absences are high at the moment and this is creating an additional workload for staff. It is the students’ responsibility to communicate with us. Thank you to those who are getting in touch to notify us of their absence. However, there are still a large number of students who aren’t doing this. If a student is not able to attend a lesson, please let us know by either phoning in on 01983 522886 (Option 1) or emailing:


I’m sure that all students have noticed the ongoing decoration and refurbishment of the VI Form buildings, over a million pounds is being spent over the next couple of years. 

  • All classrooms are being redecorated, new carpets fitted and new LED lights with motion sensors. 
  • Windows and doors repaired or replaced
  • New heating system installed 
  • Currently we are just finishing decorating the upper common room, totally refurbishing reception and turning the stage area into a drama studio

Thank you for your understanding as these improvements continue.

Hopefully we will all enjoy a sunny Spring weekend. 

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