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Busy times for VI Form DofE Students

What have our young VI Form DofE participants been up to lately? Well, despite all the time needed to complete their studies, there has been plenty of great stuff happening in support of achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

  • Chloe C has been using her free time to learn to GLIDE and play golf.
  • Daisy H has been dressmaking.
  • Leon K is busy counting penguins on Zooinverse.
  • Joshua S completed an open water lifesaving course plus learning to be a swimming instructor.
  • Sam B is learning the guitar.
  • Joe R and Jessica W are volunteering at the Mountbatten Hospice.
  • Ruby W completed her Bronze and was walking dogs for the elderly in her community.
  • Cleo M has been doing a great job instructing at St John’s Ambulance units.

Congratulations to Tom W who is off to Buckingham Palace to receive his GOLD DofE Award. This is a fantastic achievement. 

Keep up the good work everyone!