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The postponed year 10 DofE Award Bronze final expedition went ahead on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June. 

The three teams of year 10s hiked approximately 10km a day over the two days from Brighstone to Yarmouth, camping at Wight Camp.  They independently planned for the expedition including the route, food and equipment needed. 

The main condition of the Bronze final expedition is to be self sufficient and only supervised remotely.  This means that the students needed to follow the route on their own as well as carrying all their equipment and food needed for the two days.  All three teams did this successfully and to a high standard.   They even seemed to have fun – I think! 

The next stage is for the students to get the rest of their sections and activities finished and they will be receiving their Bronze award. 

Well done all those involved.   It was a great couple days and a pleasure to spend the time with all of the students in the great outdoors.