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Teaching and Learning 

Rosenshine’s Principles provide the framework for all teaching across the Federation. We:

  • Use Retrieval Practice regularly to ensure students remember what they are being taught and increase their fluidity of recall
  • Consistently build on students’ prior learning.  Teaching staff will also ensure that students can make links with prior learning and utilise those links in their current learning
  • Deliver lessons in small steps or chunks so that students can process the information and do not become overwhelmed 
  • Check for understanding after each chunk/step to ensure all students have enough understanding to move on
  • Use modelling and scaffolding to ensure all students are able to achieve all learning outcomes
  • Use questioning (and cold-calling, in particular) to ensure that all students understand the learning. This also allows the teacher to address misconceptions where they occur 
  • Ensure students have opportunities to practise what is being taught  and give students the confidence to move from guided to independent practice
  • Adapt our teaching to meet the needs of all students, including those with SEND
  • Provide feedback to students in a wide range of ways to ensure that they understand what they are doing well and what they need to do to improve

By doing this, we are able to:

  • Meet the needs and aspirations of all students 
  • Ensure all students can successfully access the curriculum offer
  • Ensure that the classroom is an inclusive environment in which students feel all contributions are valued
  • Maximise student progress