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We are ambitious for every child to reach their full potential and as a school we recognise it is our role to help to facilitate this.

It is very important to us that every student has the chance to experience success. Success can present itself in many different forms, whether this is academic or within our wider community. Students have the option to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. This enables our community every opportunity to celebrate students’ success proudly and loudly.

We believe with strong support from home to ensure the best progress, we can collaboratively develop our young people into well mannered, articulate, future focused and empathetic young adults.

Medina College, with its beautiful and spacious grounds, caring and inspirational staff and broad and balanced curriculum offers the best educational environment for students to thrive. We champion respect, diversity and equality. We are a community where students can dream big, feel safe and be valued and in return we expect all students to offer the same experience to each other.

I am excited to welcome you to our community and to have the opportunity to work together to develop our young people into the inspirational generation of tomorrow.

Medina College, where we Aspire and Achieve.

Phil Pearce-Jones
Head of Medina College