11 February 2022

We are extremely pleased that we are able to offer so many extracurricular activities at the moment in a variety of interests and hobby areas. These are particularly important as they give students the opportunity to broaden their social circle / friendships. Spending time with other students enjoying the same interest is a very valuable and positive experience. The staff also very much enjoy being able to provide these enriching clubs.

A reminder to Year 11 parents/carers that it is Parents’ Evening next week, where virtual online meetings are available with your child’s subject teachers. Please make sure you have booked appointments to discuss their recent trial results and what they need to do in these last few months to still make a difference. There is still time! (To make appointments and for them to make a difference!)

Next week we will be holding celebration assemblies for each of our year groups. This is a great way to end the term and the students and staff do enjoy success being shared. Next Thursday, 17 February, also marks ‘National Random Acts of Kindness Day’ – What can you do as a random act of kindness to make someone else’s day better?

Although the political message around COVID-19 is beginning to change, it is important that we continue to follow the current guidance. Anyone with symptoms needs to isolate and arrange a PCR test. Anyone who tests positive on an Asymptomatic LFD test also need to isolate and follow the Government guidance. Good hand and respiratory hygiene continue to be important.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.