Students raise £1635.82 for MAD-aid

This week, members of Carisbrooke College and Medina College’s Student Councils handed over a cheque for £1635.82 to Victoria Dunford of the East Cowes based charity, MAD-Aid. MAD-Aid provide support to Ukrainian refugees who are currently in Moldova and support to Ukrainian hospitals. In addition to the financial donation, students also collected and donated a large amount of toiletries and baby items.

The student council of each school is allowed to decide on which charities we support throughout the year through a termly mufti day. Both schools came together to support this one charity as they felt so passionately about helping those who are fleeing Ukraine. Here are some quotes from members of the student councils to further explain why they chose to support this charity.

“As a school, we chose a Ukrainian refugee charity to donate items to as people have been forced to leave their homes and their nation due to the war, and they have arrived in the UK and many other countries with nothing.”

“Student Council chose to support the Ukrainian refugees through MAD-Aid without hesitation as it’s clear to see the life changing work currently taking place for one of the world’s worst humanitarian events of our time. I hope our contribution supports Ukrainian refugees in need and makes a positive impact on their life.”

“Our student councils as a whole chose our mufti day donations to go to the Ukrainian refugees and we had heard of MAD-Aid that is based in East Cowes and the amazing job they are all doing! We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to help others and we look forward to welcoming the refugees into our community.”

“I felt really proud being a part of this experience. It was amazing seeing all of the donations of toiletries and baby products and huge amount of money raised that we can give to MAD-Aid who are helping the Ukrainian refugees.”