Students perform on the Kidzone Stage at the IW Festival!

48 students from Carisbrooke College, Medina College and The Island VI Form had the amazing opportunity of performing at this year’s IW Festival!

Music has been very hard hit by the impact of covid, with singing and ensembles only this year being allowed to form, but our students have rehearsed endlessly and shown incredible effort and enthusiasm in putting these performances together and gathering the confidence needed to stand up in front of a field full of people cheering them on.

Students performed on the Kidzone stage at various times over the weekend, and had the unique opportunity to see first hand how stage managers and sound technicians operate, learning all about set logistics, scheduling, soundchecks and life backstage.

Carisbrooke’s Key Stage 3 choir ‘Sing’ performed hits by Coldplay and Ed Sheeran. Various bands and ensembles from Carisbrooke College’s popular ‘School of Rock’ club performed a variety of songs they had all chosen themselves, ranging from Queen to Green Day. Medina College’s year 10 group ‘The Antiband’ performed hits by The Beatles and year 11s from Medina joined with students from The Island VI Form to lead a lively closing set on Saturday afternoon.

We are incredibly proud of these students. The time and energy invested by them in this event is highly commendable. We look forward to seeing our musical project at the IW Festival go from strength to strength in the coming years.

If you would like to get involved in similar musical activities, please speak to your Music teacher – all welcome!

Mrs. Peckham, Mr. Turner, Mr. Winsor and Mr. Wiseman