Carisbrooke College encourages all students to become true citizens of the world and a critical understanding of the importance of China around the globe today plays a key role in this.
With Chinese the most widely spoken language in the world, the study of Mandarin at Carisbrooke aims to both unlock the mysteries of this ancient language for learners in a clear and simple way while also infusing lessons with a cultural and political awareness of China as a nation.


Students who study the language at GCSE are afforded a range of opportunities to experience the culture first-hand. Opportunities have included direct interaction with native Chinese teachers in and outside of class and learners have been invited on regular trips to both consolidate and further their learning. Previous trips have included visits to the BFI in London where students have expanded their language abilities through the analysis of Chinese cinema along with a trip to China itself – a once in a lifetime experience that allowed learners to enrich their language skills and explore the country up close while also developing and maturing as individuals.