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SACRE Youth Voice Event

Island SACRE Event Promotes Environmental Stewardship and Interfaith Dialogue

Island SACRE hosted their first ever Youth Voice event on the Isle of Wight on Friday 1 March, at The Bay CE School. The aim was uniting schools in a shared exploration of environmental stewardship and spirituality. The pupils participated in workshops led by PeaceJam, Hampshire Child Services and staff from Island schools.

Students delved into the question: “Do you have to be religious to be a good steward?”

The event saw enthusiastic participation from students who were a credit to their schools.

Students enjoyed fostering collaboration and insightful discussions across schools. They also benefited by gaining knowledge, critical and deeper thinking skills, and also a deeper sense of responsibility towards the world around them. The students were a credit to Carisbrooke College as they engaged with the activities and peers from other Island schools.