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Duke of Edinburgh Hike

As part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, 44 students at Medina and Carisbrooke recently embarked on a practice day hike for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze. Despite the cold and wet weather,the students had a great time exploring the natural surroundings and challenging themselves both
mentally and physically.

The day began with students receiving a map and compass to navigate their way through the designated trails. As they set out on their journey, the students were initially apprehensive about the weather conditions. However, the students remained positive and determined to reach their destination. They shared jokes and stories along the way, boosting each other’s morale and creating a sense of camaraderie. One group decided to attach colourful balloons to their bags to lighten a gloomy day. The students were thrilled to see different species of wildlife, which added to the excitement of the adventure as well.

Throughout the hike, the students were encouraged to take turns leading the group and making decisions about the best path to take. This not only developed their navigational skills but also strengthened their communication and teamwork abilities.

Upon completing the hike, the students were proud of their accomplishment. They had not only completed a challenging physical activity but also developed important life skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and perseverance.

In conclusion, the practice day hike was a memorable experience for the students at Medina and Carisbrooke. Despite the weather being cold and wet, the students had great fun exploring the outdoors, developing their skills, and building lasting friendships. We look forward to seeing them take on the challenge of their final expedition for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award at the end of the month.