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Biosphere Trip to Yaverland and Dinosaur Isle

Hopefully many of you were able to join us on our recent trip as we completed a student takeover of our social media platforms! However, for those of you who were not able to see these posts, please read on to hear a little more about it.

This week a group of Key Stage Three students bravely battled the wind and rain to capture some amazing viewpoints in our diverse Biosphere.

The day started with us making our way to Dinosaur Isle where we met our Artist in Residence, Trudie Wilson. We are lucky to be working with an artist who is so knowledgeable about our local environment; we were fortunate to hear stories of dinosaur excavations that she has been a part of! We spent time in the museum, drawing, sketching and taking photographs. We were then able to see some fossils up close, creating watercolour studies within our new sketchbooks!

Our studies completed on today’s trip will help to inform the legacy work that is being completed towards the end of this project.

As the rain started to ease, we walked along the coast to explore the beach at Yaverland. It was here that we were able to appreciate the incredible sea views and geographical beauty that our Island has to offer.

A big thank you to Trudie and all the team at Independent Arts for supporting us with this project.

Stay tuned for more Biosphere news soon!