Federation Games 2022

The Federation Games are jam packed days of competitive sports, seeing Carisbrooke College and Medina College compete for the overall trophy. Round robin games are played throughout the morning of the event and are followed by ‘finals’ in the afternoon.

This year we have held not one but three rounds of the Federation Games. This is an event that normally happens in year 7 but, due to Covid restrictions over the past couple of years, the current year 8s and 9s didn’t have the opportunity to compete in it. Therefore, we held the games over three days to give all students the opportunity to be involved. Sports ambassadors from older year groups also supported the PE Team in the organisation and smooth running of the events. 

Over the three days, we saw hundreds of students from years 7-9 taking part in competitive but friendly sport. The level of participation and skill shown is testament to the hard work of the Federation PE Team throughout the year.

Mr Rock, Head of PE said “It was an absolute pleasure to watch so much quality sport taking place and to see so many students engaging in it in a massively positive way. My thanks go out to the students, our student leaders/helpers, the staff and the parents for all your support in making such an amazing event happen. A special thank you must be reserved for Mrs Tuck who came up with the Federation Games in the first place in 2015 and has organised the paperwork and logistics for every event since. In her final games before she leaves us, it was truly fitting to name the federation trophy in her honour.”

Mr Philips, Third in Faculty (Science and PE) said “Seeing the vast number of students across the year groups either performing or leading within sport was remarkable. Events like the Federation games are why we do what we do as teachers and sports fans. Simply outstanding!”

Year 7 – overall winners: Medina College! 

Represented by Vinnie

Year 8 – overall winners: Medina College! 

Represented by Jaiden

Year 9 – overall winners: Carisbrooke College! 

Represented by Archie

Year 7 Results and Most Valuable Players:
Frisbee – Medina – Lucas
Rounders – Carisbrooke- Angel
Basketball – Medina…on goal difference! – Vinnie
Boys Football – Carisbrooke- Luke
Girls Football – Carisbrooke- Tally/Imogen
Netball – Medina – Poppy
Cricket – Medina – Jack

Year 8 Results and Most Valuable Players:
Football – Carisbrooke – Jaiden
Girls Football – Carisbrooke – Caitlin/Imogen
Basketball – Medina – Aaron and Matthew
Netball – Medina – Ash
Rounders – Medina – Owen/Amy
Cricket – Medina – Isaac

Year 9
Football – Carisbrooke – Archie
Girls Football – Carisbrooke – Gracie
Basketball – Carisbrooke – Hadley
Netball – Carisbrooke – Mia/Jo
Rounders – Carisbrooke – Luca
Cricket – Carisbrooke – Ellis
Frisbee – Medina – Josh