Student Voice

At The Island VI Form we are continually seeking to improve the service we offer to students, their parents and the community.

As part of our development strategy, we listen to the voices of our students and give them the opportunity to have their say in the running of the VI Form. The Student Voice enables students to communicate their ideas and opinions to each other, their parents and the wider community. It is a way of ensuring that each voice is heard and has the ability to make a difference.

The Student Voice is made up of selected student representatives from Years 12 and 13. The student body can contact their Student Voice representatives with suggestions for areas of improvement or concern. Student Voice then meets with the Head of School on a weekly basis to discuss matters brought to their attention. Once thoroughly discussed, improvements may be made around the Campus.

The impact of Student Voice is continually being felt on the Campus. Examples include: feedback surveys to improve the teaching and learning experience of all students; improved decor and facilities; a silent walk in support of Remembrance Day; Campus Open Days; Christmas and other seasonal parties and various fundraising activities.

Student surveys are carried out each term, to gather feedback on Campus life.


Student Voice representatives can be contacted at: