Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour and gaining a qualification in Psychology can open the door to a number of career paths that require interaction or an understanding of human behaviour and development.

Psychology is a very popular subject at university level; however, it is an equally useful subject for studying other subjects at higher education, for example: law or nursing. Careers relating to Psychology include: police, nursing, teaching, counselling, human resources and personnel. University study in Psychology can lead to careers in areas of Applied Psychology, including: clinical, educational, sports, criminal, forensic, counselling, environmental and organisational psychology.

The 2 year course covers four compulsory units:

  • Approaches in Psychology: you will learn about the five psychological approaches: biological, psychodynamic, behaviourist, cognitive and positive. Each approach explains human behaviour in a slightly different way.
  • Research in Psychology: you will learn more about how psychologists design and conduct research.
  • Contemporary debates: you will learn about the ethical issues and debates surrounding modern day Psychology including cultural bias, ethical costs of conducting research, non-human animals, scientific status and sexism.
  • Practical Research: you will get the opportunity to undertake two of your own research projects. 

In year two, you will also study three behaviours: autistic spectrum behaviours, criminal behaviours and stress.