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Physicists use ingenious methods to unlock the amazing secrets of our universe, by observing natural phenomena, gathering data and attempting to predict what might happen in new and unknown situations. They test their ideas and come to conclusions that are often hard to believe. Physics gives us the fundamental knowledge from which almost all scientific research and study is based. It is an exciting and wide ranging subject which has an impact in almost every aspect of society and will give you skills and knowledge useful in many industries and degree courses.

AQA Physics first year A level Introduces the amazing world of sub atomic physics. Following this we study electricity, where you will develop your experimental skills far beyond GCSE. It also covers the mechanics of forces, why materials behave the way they do and how properties such interference and diffraction affect light and other electromagnetic waves. In the second year A level these ideas are developed to a higher level in Further Mechanics and Nuclear and Thermal physics. Whilst our optional topic of Medical Physics will allow students to develop their knowledge of physics in a specific application. For a full description of the A level content please visit the AQA web site.

Physics will provide knowledge and skills such as, decision-making, teamwork, data-handling and computing along with ability to work methodically and accurately. These are desirable for many degree level courses, particularly in the fields of science and engineering. Advanced Level Physics is also regarded as a valuable qualification in a range of industries including, materials and composites fabrication, nuclear power, sustainable development, and the armed forces.