Additional Information

In this course you will study a range of themes working from still life to the natural world and experimental imagery. You will combine practical creation of your own images with critical studies of the work of photographers from past to present. You will develop and improve your knowledge and ability to take and enhance imagery digitally and, in some cases, using conventional wet photography. The majority of the course is taught on Apple iMac computers incorporating the use of Photoshop CC, although all will get the opportunity to work in the darkroom.

A portfolio of A Level Photography can give you the opportunity to pursue degree level courses in photography and/or lens based media. It can support other creative subjects and develops the ability to be able to approach problems in more inventive and non- linear ways. It can lead into advertising, marketing, it is used in medical illustration and forensic science.

If Photography, Graphics or Art have not been studied to GCSE level, an interview with portfolio may be required.

Possession of a high-quality digital camera is expected.