Modern Foreign Languages – French | Spanish

Additional Information

Studying a language at this level extends naturally from the skills developed at GCSE. Approximately equal stress is placed on each of the linguistic skills, together with the acquisition of knowledge about the contemporary culture and society of France or Spain and countries or communities where French or Spanish is spoken. You will be well prepared to use the language for practical communication and to continue your studies in higher education.

The course involves the study of social issues and artistic culture in the target language country. There will also be the opportunity to study literary texts and films. In your second year you will continue to study these themes along with a look at political life and you will be required to research in detail one particular aspect of life in that country. Throughout the course, considerable emphasis will be put on improving the grammatical accuracy of your work.

With qualifications in A Level languages, you could go on to study at university or work in commerce, the diplomatic service, leisure or tourism, the armed forces, teaching, the airline industry, the media or be a translator or interpreter.