Mathematics and Further Mathematics

The study of mathematics enables us to provide courses that will: enable you to acquire knowledge and skills with confidence, satisfaction and enjoyment; give you experience of mathematical activity and develop resourcefulness in solving problems; enable you to apply mathematics and recognise its significance to other disciplines; develop your understanding of mathematical reasoning; provide students with a foundation for further study of mathematics.

Pure Mathematics forms the core for A Level Mathematics.
You will continue to develop your understanding of algebra, trigonometry and numerical methods as well as vectors, kinematics, distributions and hypothesis testing.
These are not isolated topics but have many links to each other and to areas of study in a range of other subjects.

If Further Mathematics is to be studied, Mathematics must also be chosen and a fourth subject is also recommended to offer opportunities for broader learning.

Whilst careers in engineering, the sciences, computing, actuarial work, economics and medicine have obvious links, mathematics is one of the most highly regarded A Level subjects and is welcomed as part of your portfolio to many university courses and to a wide range of employment options.