A popular and successful option for those with a genuine interest in History. History is a widely respected academic A Level that equips you with the essential analytical and evaluative skills and the ability to carry out independent research and study. The study of History at A Level is looked upon favourably by both universities and employers.

This is a two year course covering a breadth of both World and British History. You will need to know an in-depth study and also a period of History covering two hundred years. There will be a combination of both exams and coursework. The coursework element is an extended piece of writing of approximately 4000 words.

Students will study three elements: The Monarchy in Crisis 1603-1702, The Cold War 1945-91 and a coursework question on the Holocaust.

History offers a platform to a wide variety of careers: Law, journalism, broadcasting, mass media, teaching and the civil service to name a few. More than this, it offers a broad range of skills that can be applied to almost any university course or career path. You will learn to examine evidence, to argue logically and explicitly. You will be offered the chance to present your opinions through a variety of mediums whether written or verbal. As more people choose joint or combined honour degrees at university, History becomes a viable option for anyone to study beyond traditional school life. The literacy skills required are transferable in virtually every other subject and the possibility of periods to study is endless.