Higher Education

At The Island VI Form, a high percentage of students move on to University post-18. We pride ourselves in offering support and guidance through this process for both students and parent/carers.

UCAS (University College Admissions Service) is the platform and hub of where students will apply to University. You can use their website to search and gain information on:

  • Universities
  • Degrees/courses
  • University Life
  • Personal Statements
  • Degree Apprenticeships
  • Statistical Outcomes
  • Videos/Tutorials
  • Finance
  • Much more……….

UCAS Tariff

In order to apply to University (whether this is a Degree or Degree Apprenticeship etc) you must gain UCAS points. These are achieved by gaining qualifications (such as A Levels, BTEC’s etc.). Each qualification is equivalent to points and, in short, the higher the grade achieved, the higher the amount of points are awarded. Universities will state their entry requirements and this will include UCAS points. Some Universities will request specific qualifications in specific subjects, but not all.

For more information, see https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate/what-and-where-study/entry-requirements/ucas-tariff-points

Things to consider

There are many vital things to consider when applying to University and considering whether Higher Education is right for you.

During Year 12, we offer students a presentation delivered by one of our local Universities on UCAS. This presentation supports students to consider factors when applying to University (such as the degree courses to suit and types of Universities etc.). This talk allows students to ask questions and start the process of UCAS and learn about the myths and realities of Higher Education and University life. We offer the same presentation/talk to parents/carers on the same evening, which is more specific around what UCAS means for the parent/carer and the stages of where and when things will happen.

Personal Statements

Students have the opportunity to take part in various workshops around preparing their personal statements. The personal statement is a very important part of the process and we try to offer as much support as possible by organising workshops delivered by University staff as well as subject specific teachers. The careers team and student services are also on hand to give additional guidance and advice. 

Student Finance

During Year 13, we invite students who have applied to university to attend a student finance talk which is delivered by one of our local universities. This is a detailed presentation about the Student Finance England application process and how to budget throughout the coming years at university.  

We offer another presentation on the same evening that is specific to parents/carers and what is required from them as part of the application as well as detail around the type of expenditure their child may face whilst at university. 


We encourage all students to make the most of their time whilst at The Island VI Form and ensure that they make the most of all opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience that in turn will help them with decision making for their future.

To explore University/Higher Education as an option and to make an application to University as strong as possible, we suggest students should:

  • Attend university taster days (subject specific or general) – offered through Careers.
  • Attend University Open Days
  • Complete extended work experience
  • Attend Summer/Easter Schools
  • Undertake mock interviews
  • Gain a part time job

Students are supported by student services, careers and subject specific teachers. UCAS opens and becomes live in June and closes in the middle of January each year. We have our own internal deadline for UCAS applications which is the middle of December each year. This enables us to offer additional support if it is required before the official UCAS deadline. 

Oxbridge / Medical / Dentistry / Veterinary Applicants

For potential Oxbridge, Medical, Dentistry or Veterinary applicant students we have a programme of guest speakers including  admissions officers from both Cambridge and Oxford, as well as attending general and subject specific open days

Students have the opportunity to spend a night at our link college at Oxford University to get a taste of student life. Once students have made an application, we run interview workshops and continue support up until they take their place. We also look to offer additional opportunities such as Oxford Apply workshops and Cambridge Shadow Scheme (all have to be applied for).

Current IW NHS practitioners and doctors provide workshops for our medical applicants, drawing on a diverse range of expertise. Students are expected to apply for medical work experience. Our students are also encouraged to apply for the “Future Doctors” course and the CHIPS (careers in healthcare induction programme), both of which are run through the IW NHS and are offered through the Careers department.

Students that are interested in applying to Oxbridge and/or Medicine/Veterinary Science need to inform their subject teachers and Careers department as soon as possible in order for us to offer as much guidance as possible.

The Southern Universities Network (SUN) has put together a very helpful ‘Future Steps’ document for 2020 to help students with making choices and understanding that it is never too late to change their mind. Take a look by clicking the button below.