Government and Politics

Studying Politics helps you acquire a range of skills such as written and verbal communication, presenting and defending an argument and working with information in order to reach a judgement about differing points of view. You will also keep very up-to-date with current affairs, making Politics a dynamic subject which is always relevant to what is going on in our country and the wider world.

A Level Government and Politics is a varied course which covers a range of subject matter and aims to provide an engaging and diverse learning experience.

This course will be taught in a variety of ways, from the knowledge of experienced teachers, group discussion, student presentation, individual research, online learning and the study of political documents.

Units include: Government & Politics of the UK, Government & Politics of the USA, Theoretical approaches to the study of comparative politics and Political Ideas.

Government and Politics offers a broad range of skills that can be applied to almost any university course or career paths. You will learn to examine evidence, to argue logically and explicitly. You will have the opportunity to present your opinions through a variety of mediums. Politics will work very well with any of the other humanities on offer and is looked at favourably by admissions tutors at universities.