English Literature

Additional Information

A Level English Literature allows you to read and discuss a wide range of texts from different eras and genres, while also exploring the social, historical and cultural issues that those texts both reflect and influence. This qualification is an excellent and highly regarded preparation for most undergraduate courses, but particularly Journalism, Law, Philosophy, History, Media Studies, Film Studies and Modern Foreign Languages, as well as English.

Throughout both years of the course, you will engage in the study of the range of texts you will encounter for each of the two examination papers.

Hence, you will look at a Shakespearean play, a modern drama, a novel and a collection of poetry through the lens of the dramatic genre of tragedy. Alongside this, you will also explore elements of crime writing through the evaluation, again, of a range of texts, including a post-2000 novel, none of which are typically associated with the crime genre, but all of which feature a crime of a sort.

In addition to the texts you look at alongside your fellow students in class, you also have the opportunity to develop your own independent reading and literary interests in prose and poetry through the Non-Examination Assessment in which you required to devise your own coursework tasks in the context of different areas of literary criticism – feminism, Marxism, eco-criticism, and post-colonialism to cite just a few.

If you enjoy reading and discussing literature, then this is the A Level for you!