Design Technology

This innovative, creative and thought-provoking A Level course will continue to grow and develop your practical hands-on skills while deepening your theoretical knowledge alongside looking at the historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic influences on design and technology.

The course is equally assessed as 50% on a creative, practical Non-Examination Assessment and 50% split across two exam papers (one looking at technical principals and one on design principals).

The theoretical knowledge will be taught through practical tasks, where you can continue investigating current design and pushing your creativity to design, model, trial and make new exciting and innovative products show casing your practical skills.

Within Design Technology you will be using and developing your scientific and mathematical skills to help you solve problems when designing and creating your products. You will be creating designs and products using new technologies within CAD and CAM.

Our students go on to take further studies in creative, technical and research-based aspects of the design process, this includes studying for degrees and apprenticeships in industrial/ product design, architecture and landscape design, exhibition design, engineering, advertising and marketing, purchasing and sales.