Additional Information

This course has increased emphasis on understanding and application, rather than recall, and this is evident from the comprehensive list of practicals included. This course will build on knowledge gained from GCSE and has a natural progression. It will develop you into an able chemist, setting up the opportunity of taking the next step to undergraduate studies with confidence.

Units include topics on physical chemistry such as rate, equilibrium and energy, as well as organic chemistry ranging from simple hydrocarbon reactions to more complicated reactions based on benzene.

In addition, this course will include current chemistry topics such as those relating to the environment and possible alternative energy provision.

Year 2 builds on year 1, and will be assessed at the end of the course.

Chemistry will open the door to a multitude of career options including medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy and forensic science to name a few. It also offers the opportunity to continue studying Chemistry at degree level. The analytical and problem solving skills learned whilst studying Chemistry are also valuable for both further education and employment.