Additional Information

This course has increased emphasis on understanding and application, in addition to recall, and this is evident from the comprehensive list of practicals included. These practicals will give you the skills and confidence to investigate the way living things behave and work. The course will build on knowledge gained from GCSE to give you the skills to make connections and associations with all living things around you.

This is a two year course and units include topics on: Biological molecules, Cells, exchange and transport, Genetic information, Variation and relationships between organisms, Energy transfers in and between organisms, Organisms’ responses to their environments, Populations genetics, Evolution and ecosystems, Gene expression and Gene technologies.

There is no coursework requirement, however, your performance during practicals will be assessed by your teacher and through exams. There are three A2 exams all of which are two hours long.

Biology will open the door to a multitude of career options including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, oceanography, forestry ecology, forensic science and environmental science. The analytic and problem solving skills learnt whilst studying Biology will also be valuable in further education and employment.