VI Form Activity Day

By Nicole Mostyn

Monday 18 July was our Student Voice Activity day that was put together by our team of year 12 students, alongside some keen teachers who organised their own activities to run from breaktime up until lunchtime.

Free ice lollies were collected from the hall whilst teams signed up and there was music playing by our fabulous musicians Tilly, Rufus, Esther and Cleo. They had the opportunity to perform on the stage which sounded amazing and really added to the liveliness of the event and enticed more people to join in.

The activities in the science department included blindfolded surgery, Wii sports and the Die Hard challenge. The challenges sounded easier than they were and these activities were a great way to test your teamwork and communication skills in a chilled environment whilst also channelling competitive sides and problem-thinking skills.

In the courtyard there was tennis, football and netball shooting. Despite the very hot weather, several teams took part and looked like they were enjoying themselves which was great to see.

In film and media, banner painting took place to go on the walls which brought out the creativity of our students and was quite a relaxing activity for a hot Monday morning. There were also news reports being filmed based around silly statements for people to share their ideas on which was very interactive and got people thinking on their feet. In film, there was also the ‘Magnificent Seven’ challenge, run by Mr Cronin, where students had to think of seven films for each of the seven main film genres. Mr Cronin was very impressed with the wide range of film knowledge students had so well done to everyone who took part.

In English the challenge was to perform a dramatic presentation on the Bard in which there were various costumes to choose from as well as scripts to read out as theatrically as you could. This really challenged the ability to think outside of the box, try something new and a bit out of your comfort zone which is a great exercise to build confidence. I spoke to a student who took part in this activity and she said “the teacher running it was very enthusiastic and encouraging which created a comfortable atmosphere”.

Lastly, Humanities organised a QR code scavenger hunt which started in B5 and carried on throughout the building. The questions definitely required the knowledge of a team so it was very fitting and many people enjoyed hunting for each code.

Teams who participated were able to claim a free hotdog from Mr Mumford’s BBQ which was a rewarding way to finish the day. The winners of the activity day were team Ollie, Emily, Nate, Jake and Callum. Very well done to this team and a much deserved prize of an Amazon voucher will be given for your great efforts of completing all the activities!

Overall, it was a gratifying way to start our final week of year 12 after the exam period. It was great to see students having a good time with their teams as this was exactly our aim for this activity day – to get as many people involved as possible and having a good time. Thank you to all of the teachers who got involved and created challenges as there was such a variety of activities that made this day enjoyable and unique.

Student Voice is very satisfied with the turnout and will continue to plan more interactive activities for students and teachers to maintain our high community morale.