Our Platinum Jubilee Unicorn

Year 12 VI Form Student, Josh Sunnucks took part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, dressed as one of 20 unicorns.  Josh, one of about 200 performers for this section, was part of the Queen’s Fantastical Beasts performance arranged by Shademakers from Ryde. 

Josh regularly performs with Dance Vibez from Shanklin and Ryde and rehearsed for his role since February.  As it was not possible to have a full dress rehearsal, part of this was using webinars arranged by the pageant organisers.   Josh said that it was a long day, leaving their hotel in Wembley at 7.30pm and not getting back to the Island until gone 11pm;  he had to wear his 30kg costume, made from aluminium and plastic for about 3 hours.   Josh said that the cheering crowds were the best part of the day.

Josh, who joined us from The Bay Academy at Sandown, is studying mathematics, physics and business studies for A-Level, plans to go to university and sees his future in financial management.   Josh is already on the road to celebrity status having been interviewed by Hello magazine.  In the magazine he is quoted, “Being able to say I’ve puppeteered a unicorn will look great on my university application.”

Josh and his fellow puppeteers will be performing in some of the Island’s carnivals this summer. Well done Josh, what a fantastic experience!