Dear VI Form Students, Parents & Carers,

Firstly, Thank you again, to all students for wearing your masks and keeping hand hygiene levels really high. We all need to keep following the guidance to keep each other safe.

No videos this week just a few reminders from me:

  • Year 13 Trial Exams start on Thursday 26th November, you have a few days left to finalise your preparation for these exams.  If you don’t yet have your exam timetable they are available to collect from Student Services.  Year 12, just to remind you that the upper common (Y12) room and the whole library will be in use for exams. Alternative workspaces are available e.g. Main Hall
  • You may wish to read this article “Apprentice redundancy numbers rise” which may impact on your thinking for your plans following VI Form.  One way to avoid the economic impact of the current Covid 19 virus, and the uncertainty caused by Brexit, is to stay in higher education and gain qualifications.  This might mean going to University to complete a degree, Foundation degree or HND. 
  • Remember that Universities are businesses and they need students to generate revenue, it is possible that students from abroad may not wish to / be able to attend. There could be some great offers out there for the next few years.  The internal deadline for applying to UCAS (University) is Friday 11th December and just because you have applied doesn’t mean you have to go. If you don’t apply in time, you may not get the best offer.  Worst case scenario is that you lose to cost of applying (£26 UCAS fee), the worst case of not applying???

Have a safe weekend,

Dave Mumford

Head of School – The Island VI Form