20th July 2021

Dear Students, Parents & Carers

Our last two days of this term will be spent off timetable, following a EPQ / University / Job / Gap year research programme.  The following short video will explain the plans and the Student Services Hub will have further detailed documents and resources:


As part of this programme, students will be receiving an invitation to log on to Unifrog, an online resource we have subscribed to, which will help with University, Apprenticeships and career planning.  Please make sure that you follow the link and activate your account. The site is very user friendly and straight forward, please just have a look and click your way through it, advice is available if needed.  When you arrive on Thursday and Friday, please remember to sign in at the student entrance.

There will be one final, end of term message from me on Friday.

Best regards,

Dave Mumford

Head of School – The Island VI Form