16th October 2020

Dear VI Form Students and Parents,

Students – Have a great break but don’t forget about school totally.  Have a look at the button below that contains some general advice about exams.

Year 13, you need to be preparing / revising for the mock exams which start on the 26th November.  These are used by staff to identify any gaps that exist in your learning and if the current circumstances change, they would provide one piece of evidence towards a centre assessed grade.  Speak to your teachers if you are not sure which topics you are going to be assessed on.

Year 12, you are further away from your exams, but you should consider using some of this term break to start preparing for exams; the sooner you start the better.  I’ve talked about LORIC in the past and this is a perfect opportunity for you to show leadership in your own education.

Have a safe weekend and half term,

Best regards,

Mr Mumford