16th April 2021

Dear Students, Parents & Carers,

Thank you for your ongoing help and support in following the Covid-19 rules, restrictions and testing procedures. New tests are available for collection from our Main Reception. Please remember to report results of all tests to the NHS and the school.

Lanyards should be worn by all students, visitors and staff, at all times.  This is so that we can easily identify students and adults as being part of our community and therefore keep everyone safe.  I will be reminding everyone over the coming weeks, as your and our safety is a priority.

Year 12 will be sitting End of Year Exams at the end of June / early July. Please speak to your teachers about the content you need to prepare for these exams.  These will probably be the first exams you will have completed since Year 10 (or early in Year 11), so you need to prepare for them as if they are real exams.  We use these exam results to decide if you are ready to progress to Year 13, to help us predicted grades for UCAS applications and identify any gaps in learning caused by the lockdown period. In the event of further Covid 19 restrictions returning, we would also be using them as evidence for your final grades.  Full exam timetables will be published in the coming weeks.

If you are worried or feeling stressed about these exams, the best thing you can do is prepare early for them and speak to Staff or Student Services who are here to support you and offer advice.

Next week I shall be speaking about Year 13 grading and the end of school arrangements,

Keep safe and best wishes.

Dave Mumford

Head of School – The Island VI Form