13th November 2020

Dear VI Form students, parents and carers,

Welcome to this week’s blog. 

Firstly a big ‘thank you’ to all students for wearing your masks and keeping hand hygiene levels really high. We all need to keep following the guidance to keep each other safe.

As you will see in the video this week – The Year 13 Internal UCAS deadline is Friday 11th December. Please encourage students to get their applications submitted before this deadline if possible.

Year 12                 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zfWpcCSLXdUrWSti1KQfcadLvxA2CYKz/view?usp=sharing

Year 13                 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hS0Nd8_OdLrzCQuQAObxUltfciV7X4IK/view?usp=sharing

Finally a gentle reminder:  In the event of your child being unable to attend, for any reason, please contact the Student Services Team directly at the beginning of their absence.

Contact can be made by phone on 01983 522886 (Option 2) or alternatively by email attendance@theislandviform.org.uk, stating the reason for absence.

Best regards,

Dave Mumford

Head of School – The Island VI Form