12th March 2021

Dear Parents, Carers & Students,

Welcome back and thank you again to everyone who took part in and ran the testing this week and thank you for your patience, over 400 tests were carried out over the 2 days. We have still had no positive cases.

Test result notification: If you do not receive a text to say that your child/you are negative over the period of the day the test was carried out, you should not be concerned. The NHS do not guarantee a negative test result text, they only say that a positive will be sent. Therefore, with increased demand across the country, the negative test result texts may not be as reliable. You will be contacted by NHS text and by us within an hour of a positive test.

Next test: Students who have been tested (and therefore trained) will be issued with a home testing kit this week to start using every 3 to 4 days, you should have received further details about this via email.

Rules / start times: These haven’t changed, except the guidance is to wear a mask at all times, apart from when eating and drinking.  Remember when you are off site, we all have to follow the national rules which currently are ‘spend time in outside spaces for recreation on your own, with your household or with one other person, you must continue to socially distance from those outside your household’ i.e. students can’t sit in the park / public in a group.

Year 12: Reports are going to be emailed home from the 22nd March before the virtual Parents’ evening on Thursday 25th March, details of how to book appointments will be shared on Monday.

Attendance:  If you are absent, you must contact us and let us know why. We have to do returns for the Government, so it is vital that you communicate with us and let us know: attendance@theislandviform.org.uk

No Year 13 ‘exam’ update at present as we are awaiting guidance from exam boards.

Keep calm and stay safe.

Dave Mumford

Head of The Island VI Form