Student Voice

Medina College Student voice has been running for 4 years.

We have an elected executive committee:

Chair – Axel Shorrock

Vice Chair –  Georgie Gobby

Prefect Liaison Officer – Tilly Grimshaw

PR liaison officer –  Alicia Davison

Secretary – Hannah Flowers.

We have several 3 Sub Groups – Teaching and Learning, Events and PR.

Over the years we have worked with UNLOC national student voice forum sharing work across the island.  This has resulted in the opening of the TLC support room which offers a safe place for the School Pastors to work with our vulnerable children and gives our children who are dealing with a variety of issues a calm sanctuary.

We have attended the Island Youth Conference and shared ideas with local businesses and community projects.

We attended the Child Exploitation Exhibition and created a display from all the information we had gathered for display in the canteen at school.

We have also been involved with the Newport Regeneration Project –  inviting guest speakers in who used our students to help with their research and development of ideas for the local community.

We have also held a Youth Leadership Workshop led by UNLOC, and held at Medina College.

We have run charity events, Christmas and Summer fete and cake sales.  We have raised money for mental health charities, Mountbatten and many other National Charities.

Students have been recording a voice cast of the newsletter weekly. This is put onto the student drive to be played during tutor time each week.

We also now have a close relationship with the Parent Voice who support us in our charity endeavours, such as the Summer Fete.

We also liaise with the headteacher about upcoming events and ideas.


Our direct email address is


Upcoming events 

Moving forward we are looking at running Federation Student Voice Forums across the year with 3 workshop days  and guest speakers.  These will be used to target a project for each school and build the skills that are needed to bring the project to fruition.  This will end with a celebration day in the last week of summer term.