Medina Maestro

Medina Maestro is a bespoke gifted and talented music programme that aims to academically nurture and stretch those students who demonstrate a desire to excel in music and academia alike.

Students follow a traditional diet of EBACC subjects plus additional music provision each week. Along with all instrumental lessons paid for by the College, this comprehensive curriculum ensures the best possible education for the selected students. Students are pushed to ensure they have a sound grounding for progression onto both further and higher education.

The Medina College Music Department is the leading music department on the Island and has achieved a 100% pass rate for the last four years. The Music Department has two classrooms fully equipped with iMacs running GarageBand, Logic Pro, Sibelius and Ableton suites, two recording studios, practice rooms and access to Medina Theatre with its fantastic performance space and Steinway grand piano.

Students have the opportunity to regularly perform across the Island and beyond, and attend trips to see professional performances, masterclasses and workshops.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Maestro programme offer?

Maestro is aimed at students who already have a passion for music and know they wish to study the subject at key stages 4, 5, and possibly beyond.  The programme runs through to the end of Key Stage 3 with a strong focus on performance, composition, and improving theoretical and analytical knowledge.  Maestro students also receive free instrumental tuition on their chosen instrument for the duration of the programme.

What are the requirements of Maestro students?

There is an expectation that Maestro students will be key members of the Music department extracurricular groups; Maestro students are expected to be involved with all of the department performances both within school and at external venues.

How is the school day different for Maestro students?

Maestro students form their own Maestro tutor group who meet each morning and afternoon for tutor time, as well as an additional curriculum lesson during the school week.

When can students apply for the programme?

Information about the audition process arrangements will be communicated to Year 7 students shortly before the October half term break.  The auditions will take place in the second half of the winter term.

At what instrumental level do students need to be to apply?

There is no specific grade requirement for the Maestro programme; students need to be passionate about studying all types of music, and be enthusiastic and willing to take part in any kind of musical activity; they must be willing to leave their comfort zone and try something new!

What will be involved in the application process?

The application process begins with an initial paper application.  Applicants will be then shortlisted based on this information, and performance in curriculum lessons during the first half term at Medina College.

How many students are accepted onto the programme?

This does depend on the numbers of students in Key Stage 3 and their chosen instruments due to the financial commitment for instrumental lessons; we normally take around 10 students per year group, however, the focus is on suitability rather than filling spaces.