Students provide weather forecasts for the IW Festival

Students from the Medina College farm club read the weather to organisers over the festival weekend.

Medina college has a weather station on top of the school that was supplied by ProData ( and it sends lots of data to an app that students can collate data from. Students used that information this year to produce a weather report and read it to festival organisers.

We collected data from our weather station on top of the school and wrote a weather forecast for each day of the festival. We were collected by Dougie from Solo and escorted backstage to have a tour and then read the forecast to festival organisers each day.

On Friday, it was the hottest day of the year with forecasted temperatures of 30 degrees. Talia and Aurelia read the forecast to John Giddings who spoke to them about how he started to organise the festival and asked them questions about the weather that day. They were very professional and had an amazing time!

Saturday it was the turn of Bee and Ruby to read the forecast. The forecast was for very strong winds of up to 40mph and that is exactly what happened with the festival having to stop for a little while to make the stage safer in the strong winds.

Sunday was the final day of the festival and Apryl and Bea read the forecast with a very cloudy and chilly (at times!) day. They even had some rain forecast too.

Our weather station was very accurate and all the students had an amazing time. Thank you to Solo for giving us this fantastic opportunity!

Parents can download the app to see what the weather is like at school and at any other part of the Country that has a Prodata weather station installed.