4th December 2020

Dear parents and carers,

This week Carisbrooke College had a virtual inspection from the Health and Safety Executive – all related to how we are responding to COVID-19. The reason why this is relevant to Medina is that all systems and the vast majority of procedures are identical across the two schools. The inspection was rigorous and very thorough and the Inspector has indicated that we have passed with flying colours. She indicated our systems were model examples and could be used by others as the way to run things safely. This is incredibly reassuring to know that what we have in place fulfils the exacting demands of the HSE (known as one of the toughest regimes in the world). I would like to thank all the staff who continue to be on top of all we expect of them in order to keep children and adults safe here.

We have temporarily altered the rule on coats at Medina. We have a problem with our heating system which means it is slow to warm the main block. This is being looked into but the solution won’t be found quickly I fear. So we have allowed students to wear coats when they need to. They must still be worn on top of blazers and other items such as hoodies and non-school jumpers or sweatshirts are still not allowed. Once the heating is fixed we will revert back to the normal rule.

There will be a Year 11 virtual tutor evening on Thursday 10th December. Booking information has been sent out. This is to make sure that we can help you support your child with revision leading up to the trial exams in January. We will be taking one week to have the trial exams not two as in previous years. This is to make time up to continue teaching more taking into account all the time that has been lost.

Our final day of term is Friday 18th December and we return for students on Tuesday 5th January.

Many thanks

Matthew Parr-Burman