2nd October 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Welcome to this week’s blog. This week we have had a bit more rain which impacts on the school and students in a much more obvious way than pre-COVID. Whereas before we were able to simply allow students full access to the building, we can no longer do this and keep the Year Group Bubbles secure. We have had to allocate specific spaces for students in this situation which are supervised. This does mean on very wet days most students won’t get much time at all outside the classroom. I am not happy about this but at the moment we have to accept it.

As you will probably know from a letter we sent this week, we are closing for students on Friday 16th October to ensure we are able to train staff fully on online learning methods and effective and good use of Google Classroom and Google Meet. If we have a lockdown, then we need to make sure we provide a higher standard of delivery of learning than we were able to earlier in the year when we had no notice of closure and were using the older Show My Homework system.

I wish I could keep the school open and look after young people and continue to educate them as well as running the training but this is just not possible with all the teaching staff needing to spend the day learning new skills. I also appreciate that with a two week half term (set by the IW Council after a full and open consultation back in 2017) it means a big gap for students in terms of learning. We are though offering sessions for Year 11 in the break in many subjects. Details of this will follow shortly.

As always, I appreciate all the effort that goes into making sure your child comes to school each and every day in good uniform and prepared to learn. Thank you for this as I know this is not always easy and particularly so in this more uncertain world.

Mr Parr-Burman