28 January 2022

I will start by continuing my message about Year 11 and how every day/week counts. Next week, on Thursday, Year 11 will be having a trial results day. They will have an assembly which will introduce the event, and then collect their envelope containing a slip with their ‘current working grade’ for each of their subjects. This is a grade that their teacher is giving them based on their trial exam and work in class. This is not a final predicted grade. This is what they are working at now. Therefore, if this is not the grade they are looking to achieve in the summer, they need to remember that there is still time, there is still curriculum to cover and there is time to revise and focus on what they need to do to improve this grade. We will have tutors, subject staff, and senior leaders supporting this process so it is important that this is seen as a snapshot only. No student should feel complacent or demoralised by this, it is just an indication to them so they know where they stand currently. We will be holding a virtual Year 11 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 16 February, when you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns that you have with the subject staff. Please do make the most of this opportunity.

Next Thursday sees our Dance Live! team take part in the competition at Portsmouth Guildhall, which is the culmination of their hours of practice and dedication. We wish them the very best and know they will do a fantastic job and make us proud. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dance Live!, ‘it sees those in Keystage 2 – 4 and Further Education compete with choreographed routines to the backdrop of a giant digital screen with pupils showcasing a range of skills from dance, performance and off-stage technical skills to creative design’. Thank you to all of the students and staff who have given up their time to support this.
We have some work starting on our site next week towards infrastructure for one of the elements of our new Agriculture GCSE, which we will be offering at KS4 from September. We will give regular updates on this exciting new project over the coming months and details of the course will be available in the Keystage 4 Pathways information that our Year 9 students receive in the next couple of months.

Although the Government has eased restrictions in regard to COVID-19 and the wearing of face coverings, we are encouraging students to be supportive of each other and if they wish to wear a face covering, they should carry on doing so. Numbers of people testing positive are monitored but it is important that the routines that we have been used to in regard to general hygiene routines continue and that anyone with any one of the symptoms does isolate and arrange a PCR test.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.