27th November 2020

Dear parents and carers,

This last week we had a monitoring visit, from Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service, who work closely with the us on school improvement. I was very proud walking around as everywhere felt very calm and students were engaged with their learning. This week and next, students are sitting assessments which will be shared with parents towards the end of this term.

We also had a one day Virtual Ofsted visit where a couple of inspectors met with various groups of staff to ask questions about how the school was dealing with the pandemic. Part of this was an investigation into the effectiveness of Remote Learning. We will receive a letter from Ofsted (which will only say what they did and won’t make any judgements about the quality of learning) and Ofsted are sending out monthly updates about the state of education generally and their visit to us will form part of this evidence base. Medina won’t be mentioned by name in this report.

There will be a Year 11 virtual tutor evening on Thursday 10th December. Booking information will be sent out shortly. This is to make sure that we can help you support your child with revision leading up to the trial exams in January. We will be taking one week to have the trial exams, not two as in previous years. This is to make time up to continue teaching more, taking into account all the time that has been lost.

Thank you for your continued support in making your child wear a face covering. Wearing a face covering greatly reduces the risk of transmission and therefore protects those around you. Students and staff need to wear their face coverings at all times unless they are outside, in lessons or eating. We have had a number of students turn up this week forgetting to bring one in. Please can you support us by making sure they leave home with one.

Many thanks

Matthew Parr-Burman