25th September 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Welcome and I can confirm we have had another good, safe week here at Medina. As I indicated last week, we are aiming to keep things very simple and straightforward and focussing on the learning in classrooms and keeping young people safe.

I am aware that with the colder weather clearly coming, we have more students bringing coats in. This is good, they should do this because we cannot open the school until 8.45am due to Health and Safety arrangements so we do have lots of students waiting outside. I am still keeping the rule that coats must not be worn inside buildings, so students need to get used to managing this. The vast majority have understood this rule and comply very willingly. Thank you to these students, and for those that still need reminders please make sure they get this right.

Next week we are allowing a Wednesday after school session for year 11 students in Technology. Students have had a letter about this and will need to register, so we know exactly who is on site and where they are. Sanitisation regimes have been adapted to suit this. I hope that in time we can extend this to other subjects and other year groups but I want to go carefully with this so we get things managed well and safely for all of us.

We have three more weeks left until the long half-term break and I am aiming to ensure we have three consistently good weeks where we simply continue with regular routines and good learning. I continue to be robust with any student who breaks rules and this will never change as I want to ensure we have consistency for the weeks and months (and years) ahead. Our young people deserve this as so much in their life has changed and continues to change. We aim to be the solid, consistent school they really want and need.

Mr Parr-Burman