21st May 2021


Year 11 have one more week left in school with us. We have been impressed with the way they have dealt with the challenges that they have been presented with over the last 14 months and would like them all to end this time in a positive way. They have one more week to make an impact on their Teacher Assessed Grades, so it is important that they do remain focussed. I am sure they will be having mixed emotions about their last week, so please reassure them that we are here to support them during this time as it is a key period in their educational life, which in the future they will want to look back on positively.

This week we held Year 10 Parents’ Evening and we have been pleased with the engagement with this. If you were not able to take part in the evening, then please do contact the Year Office and they can arrange for phone calls to be made to you instead. It will be very important for Year 10 that they remain focussed as they return after the half term break.

Students have also had the opportunity for an Enterprise Challenge Day and a Virtual Careers workshop this week, both of which have been beneficial and enjoyable. We will celebrating successes in assemblies next week before the half term break, which I know students and staff both enjoy doing.

Being on time for things is very important and over the past four weeks we have created a stronger response for late students. This is helping to remind students of the need to be on time – a life skill! It is likely that after half-term we will start to include after-school detentions for students who are persistently late. Again sending them a strong message that being on time is important.

As we took the next step on the road map out of lockdown on Monday, we still need to be mindful and remember the basic rules that we need to continue to follow. Hands, Face, Space being our daily mantra. The next release of LFD home test kits are being given to the students next week, so please be aware that these will be coming home over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, depending on their year group. If your child catches a school bus or a public bus, please can you also remind them that face coverings should be worn, they may have been relaxed in a classroom setting, but this is not the case on buses. Continue to isolate your household and get a PCR test if any member displays any of the COVID-19 symptoms. LFD tests are for asymptomatic testing only.

Mr Parr-Burman

Executive Headteacher and Head of Medina College