20th November 2020

Dear parents and carers,

My thanks to all parents and carers who continue to support their child with the correct uniform and being prepared for school. It is clear that the standard of how students wear the uniform has improved. This is appreciated as it is one part of getting the school to be good, if students feel pride in how they look and feel. Self-esteem and self-confidence are very important and how one dresses can be one part of this.

Staff are also reporting improved behaviour at the School. We all still feel we (staff – students – parents) can improve this still further by focusing on clear rules that we all stick to and also aiming to continue to improve the quality of our teaching. I think having students in the bubble year groups has helped them in many ways and when we get out of the COVID situation we want to see if we can keep some of the benefits of how things have been arranged in the school if possible.

Year 11 Technology are running Wednesday after school sessions for students who are behind on work and we also have Duke of Edinburgh sessions running after school. Both of these have clear risk assessments to make sure they are run safely and by following the correct guidance.

You will have received the news that another member of our school community has contracted COVID 19. In this particular case it was a staff member. Please be assured that there is a very clear set of guidelines that I follow, provided by the Department for Education, and a strict protocol around lots of the procedures. We have four staff and an additional two students self-isolating as a result. As you will appreciate, I have a balance to follow around being transparent to all the community about what is going on, whilst also protecting the rights of all concerned. (How might any of us parents feel if a Headteacher told the whole school community the name of our child as being a positive case?). I ask you to trust that I understand the responsibilities on my shoulders and the need to protect all. Public Health England have said I am getting it right, so that is some comfort I think.

Matthew Parr-Burman