18th September 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Getting back into simple and straightforward routines has been (and will continue for a little while) to be our priority. I am still very happy with how the vast majority of young people are coping with the way things are and there are only a very few who have found this difficult. I have had to be quite firm with a few students who are taking a bit longer to understand that they need to stay in their bubbles absolutely all the time. So this has led to some sanctions that are strong but this is to protect all of the young people and adults here. I did mention in my newsletter last week that I was traditional in my approach to discipline and firm boundaries have been set and I will maintain these for all in our community.

Many young people have had photographs taken this week and next week Year 7 students are having Cognitive Ability Tests. These are nothing to worry about and can’t be “passed” or “failed”. They are just us ensuring we have a baseline assessment for all our students in Year 7 so we ensure we are teaching to the right level and pushing standards of attainment for them as high as we can.

I am well aware that the testing for COVID-19 has stresses on it and a reminder that anyone should only seek a test if they have the following symptoms,
⦁ a new continuous cough
⦁ a high temperature
⦁ a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Many thanks for continuing to support us. I anticipate that as the weather gets a bit colder we will have more students coming in with coats, so a reminder to them and to you that Hoodies are not permitted on school site at any time (apart from actually in PE lessons). If students bring coats to school they are not allowed to wear them inside the buildings at any time – so ensuring they have a coat that can fit in a bag might be a consideration.

Mr Parr-Burman