16th October 2020

Dear parents and carers,

My thanks to all parents and carers for all their support this half term. As my first half term as Head of School here I have been warmly welcomed by everyone, so thank you.

Next half term we will be keeping all the same rules that we have this half term – nothing changes except we will be putting extra focus on a few things:

Learning remains at the heart of everything we do. Being on time for school is therefore critical and the vast majority of students manage this every single day, so thank you to them. We do though have some students who are persistently late. We will therefore be introducing stricter sanctions for students who are late (assuming it is not because of a late bus for instance which is not their fault).

School uniform is really important as it shows that a young person wants to belong to our community and that they are proud to be here. It is worn with pride by the vast majority but some students do struggle to look neat in it with untucked shirts, poorly tied ties and wearing hoodies. So a reminder that we will continue to tighten up on this too.

We are still aiming to avoid having any/many visitors into school and if you can avoid coming in then please do so. With COVID cases nationally rising dramatically and rising locally, be it at a much lower rate, we need to avoid contacts if at all possible.

I wrote in the newsletter last week that Year 11 trial examinations will not be happening in November as we feel they need more time in lessons learning having lost so much time last year. These are now scheduled for January. Since then the Government has announced there will be examinations for students in June – three weeks later than usual. We will almost certainly be keeping students here right up until the exams and not having any study leave at all. The more we can teach, teach, teach – the more they should learn, learn, learn.

We return on Monday 2nd November at the normal time of 8.45am

Many thanks,

Mr Parr-Burman